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Inspiration…Show & Tell

 My DCP blog prompt—Show & Tell. Every consciously creative person I know has a stash of images, quotes, books, spices, garden ideas, etc. that they have been drawn to, and use as inspiration. 

SHOW something that inspired you and what it inspired you to create.
TELL: What do you keep as inspiration? How and where do you store it? And, when do you pull it out? Why? Whose work do you collect? Is there one person who inspired you to take your creative path? Maybe include links for others of us to learn from and be inspired as well.

SHOW: The heart mosaic used as inspiration came from Laurel True, an incredibly talented mosaic artist who founded True Mosaics Studio in San Francisco. The heart was one of many commissioned by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in 2004 — an art project as a fund raiser. Hearts were displayed all over San Francisco by terrific artists, and sold to private collectors. Five of them were diplayed along the Embarcadero which I was fornunate to see every day on my way to work. I also loved the heart painted olive green with a giant black olive poked into it! Last year, I took my first mosaics class, and I started small, with heart shaped rocks. 

TELL:  I save photos in iPhoto that I've found on-line or taken myself, specifically called Inspiration and subtitled: Collage, Mosaics, Painting, Zentangles, etc. I save clipping in binders. When I have the impulse—I open binders filled with project ideas; journals filled with quotes and ideas generated from day dreams; or files on the computer. I save collage clippings by subject in file folders (which is slowly being transformed into digital files). I find that I most often return time and time again to my journals where I've written directives down and have yet to take action on them. The bulletin board over my desk is my current year's findings of color, texture, quotes, and memorabilia.

My creative path began around the age of five and was interrupted in school. My friends have inspired me more than famous people—Gaye McWade told me in the early '80's that she'd never heard an original thought from me which set sent me on a mission to re-discover my creative mind and freed me from the left brain corporate world. My collection of original art began with an inherted painting done by my Aunt Shirley of a fruit stand. It grew into a collection of my own photos of fruit stands taken all over the world during my travels, and into a collection of art works created by my friends and family—all very precious to me. My friend Marina allowed me into her artistic world and her painting, of a spot between Sacramento and SF, that I titled "Highway to Heaven" has been a guiding inspiration for over twenty years.

I'm taking the creative/scenic route.

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Reader Comments (3)

Wow Lee...what a beautiful mosaic you have done...and a class to boot...how fun...Love the painting "Highway to Heaven" you use for inspiration and the ideas of collections for inspirations...I try to be organized but never quit make it...but work at it anyway..nice blog...good blog prompt.

April 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDarlene

I love it that you were told you'd never spoken an original thought. Wow. What something like that can do. I think of those moments a spike driven into the head with a sledgehammer. I love how you went with it and used it to push you into a new level of self-awareness. What kind of nerve does it take to say that to somebody? Good case of making lemonade from a lemon.

April 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTJ Worthington

Love knowing that your friends more influence than famous people share that sentiment as well. Also the eclectic way you gather the elements that inspire and you use in your work similar. Feels very right brained/feminine.

April 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCallahan McDonough

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